Find opportunities to obtain required Continuing Legal Education (CLE) hours through live seminars, online courses, and audio options.

CLE Programs

Every active Florida Bar member, regardless of where the person lives, must comply with the Bar’s continuing legal education (CLE) requirements. The Division provides opportunities for its members to obtain the required CLE hours, particularly their ethics hours, through a variety of live seminars, videotape options, online courses, and audiotape options.

The Division annually provides its members with access to a FREE CLE program that provides up to 2 ethics hours. This is a member benefit that far exceeds the cost of Division membership. Follow this link to the CLE audio or this one to join the Division today.

Basic Skills Course Requirement

As a Florida Bar member, you are required to take a course entitled “Practicing with Professionalism” and two basic skills courses within a prescribed time after becoming a member of the Bar. This is known as the Basic Skills Course Requirement (BSCR). As an out-of-state practitioner, you may qualify for a deferment or exemption from some or all of these requirements.

If you are an out-of-state member of the Bar, you will probably qualify for a deferment of the BSCR requirement until such time as you move your primary office to the state of Florida. However, you must ANNUALLY apply for this deferment, or else you may be required to complete the BSCR obligations.

You should annually receive a BSCR deferment form from the Bar, which must be returned by your CLE reporting date.

Upcoming CLEs

Active CLEs

CLE 7560
Attorney Ethical Obligations regarding Data Security



CLE 7802
The Particular Importance of Advance Directives to Out of State Attorneys



CLE 7811
Beyond the Breach: Ethical Cybersecurity Considerations for Lawyers & Law Firms



CLE Resources

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