The guiding principals and guidelines for the Out-of-State Division of The Florida Bar

The Out-of-State Division provides an organization for all Florida Bar members who reside outside of the state of Florida. The Division focuses not on any specific practice area, but rather on the common interests and needs of out-of-state Florida Bar members as a whole.

The Division works toward the goal of ensuring equitable treatment for in-state and out-of-state Florida Bar members. To this end, the Division constantly reviews and monitors legislative and Bar proposals to try to ensure that out-of-state practitioners are placed on equal footing with their in-state counterparts.

The Division also promotes professionalism and competence of its members, as well as networking and resource opportunities for out-of-state Florida Bar members. This is done through a series of continuing legal education (CLE) seminars, social events, a quarterly newsletter, and this website.

This website is intended to be a useful tool for Division members and visitors alike. Among other things, you can find out information about the Division and its officers, locate an out-of-state Florida Bar member, find out about CLE requirements and opportunities, and get a listing of upcoming events. You can even join the Division.

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