Florida was discovered by an out-of-stater.

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Matthew KahlWelcome and thank you for visiting the website for the Out-of-State Division (OOSD) of The Florida Bar. The main purpose of the OOSD is to provide an organization open to individuals having an interest in issues of importance to out-of-state members of The Florida Bar. Why is that important? There are currently approximately 106,000 total members of The Florida Bar. Almost 15,000 members, or 14%, reside outside of Florida. That makes the OOSD one of the largest sections/divisions of The Florida Bar. Therefore, the OOSD focuses on ensuring out-of-state Florida Bar members are kept abreast of matters relevant to Florida lawyers and aiding in the development of laws that eliminate disparate treat out-of-state members.

In addition to being of the largest sections/divisions, the nature of the OOSD makes it the most diverse section/division of The Florida Bar as its members reside in every state within the United States as well as Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands and practice in every area of law. This diversity also enables the OOSD to provide a network of out-of-state Florida lawyers whenever needed. As an out-of-state Florida Bar member, you will also receive a copy of the OOSD’s State-to-State quarterly newsletter that includes various articles on a wide range of topics, the latest updates from the Florida Bar Board of Governors, and information on upcoming CLEs and/or meetings.

One important point of clarification – just merely being an out-of-state Florida Bar member does not automatically make you a member of the Out-of-State Division. Like other sections, you must actively request to become a member. If you are an out-of-state Florida Bar member, please consider becoming a member of the OOSD at its low annual registration fee of $35. If you are inactive Florida Bar member, please consider becoming an active member. Dues for active members are only $100 more than inactive.

I hope to meet and speak with many of you throughout this year. Have questions, suggestions or comments about the OOSD, or interested in getting more involved, please reach out to me or any member of the OOSD’s Executive Council. We are here to serve the professional needs of our members.

Mathew Kahl, President




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