Florida was discovered by an out-of-stater.

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The Florida OOSD - Keep Your Network Going and Growing

Tiffany N. McKenzieThe Out of State Division (OOSD) of the Florida Bar represents the interests of Florida Bar members who presently reside out of the State of Florida. It is currently estimated that about 18,000 Florida Bar members reside out of state, making such group the largest division of the Florida Bar. The OOSD provides a built-in nationwide network of Florida lawyers who can also serve each other. The OOSD's goal is also to keep you informed on matters that are relevant to and affect Florida lawyers, but may otherwise go unnoticed by non-residents, including through the OOSD's State by State Newsletter.

The OOSD's ability to function and serve is based on its membership. Merely being a non-resident lawyer of the Florida Bar, however, does not automatically make you a member of the OOSD. If you are a non-resident of the Florida, please consider (1) become a member of the OOSD, a low fee of $35 and (2) if you are inactive, become active in the Florida Bar. Dues for active members are only $100 more than inactive, and home CLEs can be recorded.

I also look forward to meeting you and learning about how we as a Division can assist your legal development and your practice. My areas of focus for the 2017-2018 year will be to improve and increase the CLE programming, host more networking gatherings, and increasing the size of the Division by providing access to relevant information that affects Florida lawyers. Please meet us at our CLE and reception in Boston, Massachusetts in conjunction with the Board of Governors meeting on October 4, 2017. Whether at one of our meetings, receptions, or CLEs, we look forward to your participation and input. We are here to serve you.

Tiffany N. McKenzie, President




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